Balance, Self-Awareness, Connection, Progression

These are the words, the expressions, that come closest to offering a full picture of what I think  it‘s  all about; the nuggets of full-living well-being.

Bilancia is an old, Latin word for  balance. We are at all times striving to maintain balance. Our natural state is that of harmony, equilibrium. We must have it; in our health, our relationships, our work. When we’re not balanced, we’re not in alignment - and when we’re not in alignment, the journey is rougher than necessary.

Self-awareness  is crucial to personal evolution. It’s a compass. If we aren’t aware of our feelings, thoughts, judgements, and impressions, how do we know which direction to go?  Without this consciousness,   we’re ultimately sleep-walking.

We can live like islands, but is that really living?  Connection   is so deeply important and naturally ingrained in our beings. How do you interpret your connection to the people in your life, to God’s creation, to your own creativity?

Progression, please! Let’s each get better, move forward, advance. Let’s progress.

These expressions close to my own heart and daily journey to an expanded self are also the key avenues in which I support you.

Claire Porter, CHHC
Holistic Coach & Founder of Bilancia