There are a few ways of working with me.  I offer short-term and long-term programs as well as one-off, individual sessions.  Additionally, I have a  15 Day Detox  that is ready for you and always available, just contact me   for price and more detailed information.  
Most of my clients fall into one of two categories:  you've either identified a specific area you'd like support in or your feelings of imbalance have drawn you to me for help in understanding the offset.  Regardless, we always begin with an initial conversation.  In this, you're introduced to holistic coaching and what my coaching style is.  We discover whether we're a good match.  We talk desires and challenges, pricing and scheduling, and then we dig in.

You're  ready  to  change, improve.   You  want  results and you're ready to do the work.  

I'd like to help you get those results.

Working  together, I  can  help  you  experience: 

  • a  greater  sense  of  well-being  and  happiness
  • deeper  connection  to  yourself  and  heightened  intuition
  • healing  from  past  wounds
  • ability  to  move  through  grief/loss
  • a  reduction  in  stress
  • improved  energy
  • a  return  to  your  natural  weight;  the  innate, harmonious  
    number  and  size where  you  feel  your  best

Let's progress!

It is my utmost pleasure to offer  complimentary coaching conversations: 100% focused on YOU, the challenges you're experiencing, and, most importantly, the desires you'd like to realize.