We often need a nudge. There was a four month  road trip across the USA  which reminded me of parts of my purpose. Sometimes it takes something seemingly external to steer us back on track. Recently out of a job and driving alone in my old Mercedes, the idea became clear that returning to a corporate job was no longer an option for my well-being. What wasn’t as clear was the next chapter of my life; I only knew that I had to let my spirit lead.

One of its destinations has been a career in coaching. Garnering as many tools as possible to help my clients and to better understand the shifts happening in my own life, I consciously fill my time by learning as much as possible. I’m a certified holistic health coach by IIN and have completed several other coaching trainings.  But it is in the clients I have the privilege to work with that I find my most valuable teachers.

Critical thinking and attention to detail are major facets of my functionality, easily passed down in my genes but also encouraged in design programs and technical courses during my college career at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In sessions, I pair these strong analytical skills and my high intuition to offer empathetic feedback and logical suggestions. With a conviction that all areas of life are interconnected, I ask insightful questions to provide a different point of view, a way of seeing the whole picture, deeply, from another perspective. When meeting with a client, whether over the phone or in-person, we frequently put pencil to paper and use rules of deduction to whittle down to the heart of a matter.

It is my passion to support people in living more fulfilled lives by reconnecting with their spirit through loving self-awareness.

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